EndoPredict breast cancer testing


The EndoPredict Result report makes it Quick and Easy to Interpret the Risk Assessment

Summary Dashboard – All Information at a Glance

The report enables physicians to explain the relationships between molecular and clinical pathological risk factors.

The final EndoPredict result is calculated combining the 12-Gene Molecular Score with clinical pathological factors. Each EPclin score is associated with an individual risk of recurrence and chemotherapy benefit.

Example of a low risk summary page

10 Year Risk of Recurrence – Can Chemotherapy be Avoided?

The easy-to-understand graphic illustration of the 10 year risk of recurrence facilitates the conversation with the patient.

It helps to make the decision whether to proceed more  aggressively, or to be comfortable accepting the known risk and to avoid chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy Benefit – How Beneficial would Chemotherapy be?

The illustration of the individual absolute chemotherapy benefit is easy to explain to the patient.

It enables the informed decision for or against chemotherapy.

5-15 Year Risk – Can Endocrine Therapy be Stopped After 5 Years?

The graph of the individual risk of recurrence within years 5-15 after diagnosis facilitates the conversation with the patient regarding extended endocrine therapy.