EndoPredict breast cancer testing


Learn how endoPredict works
with the EndoPredict app

Principle of the EndoPredict Test

The animation APP illustrates the functional principle of EndoPredict. The test consists of the molecular finger print determined by the gene expression within the tumor tissue (12-Gene Molecular Score) and is combined with the pathological status of the tumor (tumor size and number of positive lymph nodes) to provide the final result, the EPclin Risk Score.

With the animated APP, you can investigate how various gene activities in the tumor influence the prognosis and how the molecular fingerprint and tumor size and nodal status contribute to the final EndoPredict result.

By shifting the gene expression sliders on the first page, you can create different 12-Gene Molecular Scores. On the second page, you can set the pathological factors. The following pages show the 10 year risk, the chemotherapy benefit and the 5-15 year risk on continuous curves.

Increasing or decreasing the gene expression slider gives an idea of the impact of the individual components on the overall test result.

The 12-Gene Molecular Score slider can be varied by double-clicking the lock symbol.