EndoPredict breast cancer testing

Your Cancer,
Your Journey

EndoPredict® personalizes your breast cancer treatment
based on tailored results specific to your cancer.

Confidently decide with your healthcare provider whether the benefits outweigh the risks of undergoing treatment with chemotherapy based on the aggressiveness of your cancer.

Make informed long-term treatment decisions with your healthcare provider using the results of the only test that can predict the risk of your cancer returning up to 15 years after initial diagnosis.

With an estimated 2.1 million new cases recorded worldwide in 2018, breast cancer is one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers in the world.

Thanks to intensive research and to the development of new therapies, most patients can now be treated successfully with a combination of surgery, radiotherapy, endocrine (anti-hormone) therapy and/or chemotherapy. These therapies are given to reduce the likelihood of cancer recurrence.

As all breast cancers are not the same, treatment needs to be personalized to individual patients.

  • Many breast cancer patients can be safely treated with 5 years of endocrine therapy alone and avoid chemotherapy including its side effects whereas other patients need additional chemotherapy. 
  • Some patients can benefit from prolonged endocrine therapy up to ten years whereas other patients can refrain from endocrine therapy after 5 years. 

What is Appropriate for the Individual Patient?

Traditionally, factors such as the size and grade* of a tumor along with other diagnostic measures as hormone receptor status**, proliferation marker*** and number of lymph nodes involved have been used to help in making this decision.

It is now known that for certain types of breast cancer, the precise analysis of gene activity relevant for tumor growth, through prognostic tests such as EndoPredict, can provide important information about the tumor’s behavior. EndoPredict can help you and your doctor to assess the risk of cancer recurrence and the benefit of chemotherapy to make the right decisions for you. 

EndoPredict provides additional information to help you and your doctor make a more accurately informed treatment decision.

* System used to classify the tumor based on how different the cancer cells are from normal breast cells and how quickly they are growing
** estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor
*** ki67

Who is Eligible?

EndoPredict is appropriate for the majority of patients with early stage ER+/HER2- breast cancer tumors. It is indicated for breast cancer patients who are lymph node negative or lymph node positive with up to 3 positive lymph nodes. Pre and postmenopausal patients are eligible for the test.

Are you Eligible?

  • Invasive primary breast cancer
  • Estrogen receptor (ER)-positive
  • HER2-negative
  • Either no lymph node involved or up to 3 positive lymph nodes
  • Grade of the tumor: 1 to 3
  • Size of the tumor: pT1-pT3

How Does EndoPredict Work?

EndoPredict is a multi-gene expression test that determines the activity of 8 genes in the tumor, linked to early or late recurrence of breast cancer, plus 4 control genes. As second generation test, EndoPredict integrates tumor size and number of involved lymph nodes into the result for a more complete picture of the disease.

EndoPredict offers most information and is the only test that answers the following three critical questions:

  • Can chemotherapy be avoided?
            EndoPredict shows the individual risk of breast cancer recurrence at 10 years.
  • What is the absolute benefit from chemotherapy?
            EndoPredict indicates an estimate of the individual benefit from chemotherapy.
  • Can endocrine therapy be stopped after 5 years?
            EndoPredict is the only test providing the individual risk of breast cancer recurrence up to 15 years.
    This long term risk is particularly important, as HR+, HER2- tumors can cause metastases even years after.

Your individualized result will help understand how aggressive your cancer may be, and to what extend you may benefit from different treatment options. It is important to know that you and your healthcare provider are making the right decisions when it comes to your treatment plan, and EndoPredict will provide you the confidence to do so!

What is Required?

EndoPredict is performed on a small tumor sample. This tumor sample can be obtained from a surgical sample or a punch biopsy previously collected. No additional sampling is required.

Once the sample has been sent to the laboratory, results are usually available within 1 week. Your doctor will receive an individualized result specific to your breast cancer.

Three Answers for Your Confidence

Your individualized result will help you understand how aggressive your cancer is, and the benefit you may get from certain treatments. It is important to know that you and your doctor are making the right decisions when it comes to your treatment plan, and EndoPredict will give you the confidence that you need!

The EndoPredict report provides you with three answers to help make personalized treatment decisions with your healthcare provider about your breast cancer:

  • A clear low/high recurrence risk score for years 0-10 based on your specific tumor’s make-up.
  • A result to better understand how your breast cancer will react to treatment with chemotherapy.
  • A result to help make long-term treatment decisions.