EndoPredict is a 2nd generation breast cancer recurrence test for highly accurate assessment of 10-year risk of distant recurrence. Both gene expression with clinicopathological features are integrated into the EndoPredict test result to provide improved prognostic performance.

EndoPredict is appropriate for women with:

  • early-stage invasive breast cancer (ref Filipits)
  • ER+, HER2− receptor status (ref Filipits)
  • node-negative (N0) and node-positive (N1)

EndoPredict and the EPclin Risk Score

EndoPredict provides a comprehensive test result and an individualized EPclin Risk Score. The EPclin Risk Score algorithm integrates a 12-gene molecular score, tumor size, and nodal status. All three factors contributed significant information with respect to risk assessment in an independent clinical validation study (ref Filipits).

12-gene Molecular Score

Tumor Size

Nodal Status

12-Gene Molecular Score

The 12-Gene Molecular Score independently assesses risk of recurrence based upon quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) of 8 signature genes, 3 normalization genes, and 1 control gene. The 12-Gene Molecular Score includes genes that predict both early and late metastasis to provide improve prognostic power.

The 12-Gene Molecular Score significantly improved prognostic performance when added to the following measures:

  • Nodal status, tumor size, age, and grade
  • Quantitative ER levels
  • Quantitative KI-67 levels
  • Adjuvant! Online

Tumor size and nodal status

Tumor size and nodal status are established prognostic markers routinely used to stage invasive breast cancer (ref AJCC). Both clinicopathological factors independently contribute significant prognostic information. The integration of the 12-Gene Molecular Score with tumor size and lymph node status (EPclin) resulted in a statistically significant improvement in prognostic power above the clinicopathological factors alone (ref Filipits).

A comprehensive result for confident decision-making:

  • Powerful prognostic test for 10-year risk of recurrence
  • For ER+, HER2− early-stage breast cancer patients (N0 or N+, up to 3 nodes, pre- or postmenopausal)
  • Identifies a large population of truly low-risk patients with excellent (average of 6% recurrence risk) 10 year outcomes with 5 years of endocrine therapy alone
    • Chemo-sparing benefit observed in more than 70% of node-negative breast cancer patients
    • Chemo-sparing benefit observed in up to one-third of node-positive breast cancer patients

EndoPredict offers a clear low- or high-risk result presented on a continuous curve – providing an individualized risk of distant recurrence for each patient.

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Clinically validated in multiple cohorts