Trained and validated on 10-year outcomes data in over 3,500 women

(Ref. Filipits ’11, Buus ‘16)

Recommended by international guidelines

(ASCO, ESMO, St. Gallen, AGO)

The leading breast cancer recurrence test in Europe

a longer, relevant time frame

Early and Late Distant Recurrence


Integrates gene expression with clinicopathological features

12-Gene Molecular Score, tumor size, and node status

Identify a large percentage of true low-risk patients

(6.6% average of recurrence rate)

  • <70% N0 patients at low risk
  • Up to 30% of N1 patients

A simple test report for clear, straightforward conversations

Identify more breast cancer patients with a true low risk of 10-year distant recurrence (Ref. Sestak) who may safely forgo chemotherapy

EndoPredict was trained and validated for women with:

  • ER+, HER2- early stage breast cancer
  • Surgically resected tissue
  • N0 or N1 lymph status
  • T1, T2, or T3 tumor status

EndoPredict is a 2nd generation breast cancer recurrence test that combines the prognostic power of a 12-Gene Molecular Score with tumor size and lymph node status.

EndoPredict provides a comprehensive assessment of the 10-year risk of distant recurrence for women with ER+, HER2- early-stage breast cancer when treated with 5-years of endocrine therapy.

EndoPredict was developed from 10-year outcomes data to offer highly precise recurrence risk